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synthase: (~random~ kawasaki: she who dares)

synthase's Journal

This journal should be viewed with discretion.

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Created on 2009-05-01 02:15:03 (#138802), last updated 2014-08-23 (165 weeks ago)

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Name:put on your glasses, I have a vision.

+ fandom isn't everything. but it's right up there with oxygen.

+ syn·thase |ˈsinˌθās; -ˌθāz|: an enzyme that catalyzes the linking together of two molecules

Interests (133):

'60s, \o/, ^_^, aestheticism, ambiguous morality, androgyny, animals, anime, anti-censorship, anything gay, arts, bad boys, bandslash, bdsm, bending the truth, biting, bloodplay, bondage, books, breathplay, brian/justin, bruises, buddhism, coffee, collars, creativity, crowley/aziraphale, d/s, deconstructing gender, discworld, effeminate guys, erotica, fandom, fanfiction, fanservice, fantasy, feminism, fifth wall, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, good omens, grey zone, h/d, happiness, harmony, harry potter slash, hedonism, henna, homoerotic subtext, hot wax, ideas, independent films, individuality, information, innocence, intact fifth wall, intelligence, introverts, it's fiction fucking retards, kinks, kinky!sex, kissing, larry, legilimency, lensflare, libraries, lingerie, louis/harry, love, loveless, macs, male bonding, marauders, music, musings, nature, nc-17, necks, neil gaiman, observing, open-mindedness, originality, ot3, otp, parselsmut, pedantry, people watching, photography, piercings, pretty boys, procrastination, proper grammar usage, psychology, queen, queer as folk, quotes, reading, remus/sirius, resourcefulness, riddles, rock, sarcasm, scars, second hand books, secrets, self-discipline, sensitivity, shyness, slash, smut, solitude, spanking, submission, subtext, subversion, sushi, tank girl, tattoos, terry pratchett, threesomes, tie!sex, travelling, unresolved sexual tension, vegetarianism, velvet goldmine, voyeurism, writing, yoga, , ♂+♂, , ,
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